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Community Alert Siren Test

  • Date: 04/03/2019 11:30 AM  

The monthly test of the Community Alert Sirens will be conducted on the first Wednesday of every month at approximately 11:30 a.m.


The monthly test is described as follows: One-minute “all-clear chimes” will precede and follow a two-minute “siren tone.” Total testing time will not exceed five minutes. It is important to note that the “siren” tone carries a greater distance. It may be heard in areas beyond the reach of the “chime.”

During a real emergency, when you hear the sirens, “Shelter. Shut. Listen.”

Shelter in Place means to:

If at home:

  1. Go indoors;
  2. Close all vents, windows and doors;
  3. Listen for instructions on local cable and radio.

If you are caught in or near a contaminated area outdoors:

  1. Quickly decide what is the fastest way to find clean air:
  2. Move away immediately, in a direction upwind of the source;
  3. Find the closest building to shelter-in-place.

If driving:

  1. Continue driving;
  2. Close windows and vents;
  3. Turn your radio to 1620 AM CitiSOUNDS.

If in a parked car:

  1. DO NOT start the engine;
  2. Close windows and vents;
  3. Turn your radio to 1620 AM CitiSOUNDS.

Listen for the “chimes” sound that will signal the “all clear.

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