Mayhem in the A.M. Mystery Book Discussion

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Henderson Library

4805 Emerald Street, Torrance, CA 90503 ~ (310) 371-2075

Discuss great mystery and suspense books every second Thursday of each month from 10 - 11 a.m. All discussions are free and no registration is required. Sponsored by the Friends of the Torrance Library.

Cold Earth Cover
Cold Earth
by Ann Cleeves  - January 10, 2019
In the dark days of winter in the remote Scottish Shetland Islands, torrential rain triggers a landslide that sweeps down to the sea smashing through a house in its path. Everyone thinks the home is uninhabited, but in the wreckage, Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez finds the body of a dark-haired woman wearing a red silk dress. Perez soon becomes obsessed with tracing her identity and realizes he must find out who she was and how she died.


The Ranger Cover

The Ranger by Ace Atkins - February 14, 2019
After years of war, Army Ranger Quinn Colson returns home to the rugged, rough hill country of northeast Mississippi to find his native Tibbehah County overrun with corruption, decay, meth runners, and violence. His uncle, the longtime county sheriff, is dead. A suicide, he’s told, but others—like deputy Lillie Virgil—whisper murder.  Now it’s up to Colson to discover the truth.



Still Waters


Still Waters by Viveca Sten - March 14, 2019
After two bodies are discovered In Sweden’s idyllic vacation island of Sandhamn, the residents are reeling. Police detective Thomas Andreasson turns to his childhood friend, local lawyer Nora Linde, to unravel the riddles left behind by these two mysterious deaths—while also trying to make sense of the difficult twists their own lives have taken since the shared days of their youth. 


Bruno, Chief of Police Cover
Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker
 - April 11, 2019
Benoît Courrèges, aka Bruno, is a former soldier turned policeman, who has embraced the pleasures and slow rhythms of country life in the idyllic village of St. Denis in the South of France. But the murder of an elderly North African who fought in the French army interrupts his beloved routines with a politically delicate investigation. The first installment in the delightful, internationally acclaimed series.


Nature of the Beast Cover
The Nature of the Beast
by Louise Penny - May 9, 2019

The death of a nine-year-old boy with a penchant for telling tall tales sends retired chief inspector Armand Gamache looking for clues deep in the forest outside a Quebec village. What he discovers sets off a sequence of events that leads to murder, leads to an old crime, leads to an old betrayal and leads right to the door of an old poet.


The Chinese Orange Mystery cover

The Chinese Orange Mystery
by Ellery Queen - June 13, 2019

This classic American mystery from 1934 involves perhaps the strangest crime scene in all fiction.   Amateur sleuth Ellery Queen must solve the murder of an unknown caller, found dead in an empty waiting room. Nobody, it seems, entered or exited the room, and yet the crime scene clearly has been manipulated, leaving everything in the room turned backwards and upside down.  Selected as one of the top ten locked room mysteries of all time.


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